Grannys Scramble: eggs, fresh cut peppers, onions and homefries scrambled together with toast                           5.50
Add Meat and Cheese    1.40
Add Gravy                       1.00
4 oz Sirloin & Eggs, homefries, toast                                8.50
8 oz Sirloin and Eggs, homefries, toast                            12.00
Two eggs and toast                                                            2.70
with homefries                                                                    4.00
with bacon, ham or sausage                                              4.50
with homefries and choice of bacon, ham or sausage       5.50
corn beef hash, eggs, toast                                                5.50
breakfast sandwich on muffin or biscuit with one egg,
cheese and bacon or sausage                                           3.50
Breakfast sandwich on ciabatta bun with two eggs ,cheese 
and bacon, ham or sausage                                              4.50
Granny's Kitchen Menu
Our chefs prepare every dish with care to ensure our customers enjoy the best dining experience possible. Casual, everyday style food made from fresh ingredients from local farms makes our menu reminiscent of Mom's home cooking.
Two cakes, two eggs, two links or bacon                           5.30
Three Cakes                                                                       3.50
with blueberries, chocolate chips or pecans add                2.00
French Toast          two slice 3.50        three slice              4.80
Belgian Waffle                                                                    3.50
with Strawberry topping and whipped cream                      5.50
Chicken & Waffles                                                               7.00
Sampler plate: one egg, one cake, one toast, one bacon,
one link, homefries with gravy                                             5.50

Toast           1.30                 Biscuit                    1.50
Pancake      1.30                 oatmeal                  2.20
Egg              1.00                 lg oats                    3.50
hashbrowns 2.00                1 slice French toast 1.90
homefries     2.00                English muffin         1.30
    with gravy  +.80               corn Beef Hash       3.00
Bacon, Ham Sausage patties or links      2.50
Served with white, wheat or rye toast, English muffin or fresh baked biscuit.
Cheese: with American, Swiss, cheddar or hot pepper        4.00
Add Ham, Sausage, Bacon, Turkey, Gravy
Mushrooms, Jalapenos or Green Peppers each        1.00
Veggie cheese, tomatoes, onions, peppers, mushrooms    5.50
Taco: cheese, peppers, onions, tomato, taco meat             5.50
Triple club: turkey, ham, bacon, tomato, cheese                 6.50
Western: ham, cheese, peppers, mushrooms, onions        6.50
Meatlovers: ham, bacon, sausage, cheese                         7.00
Everything omelet:ham cheese, peppers, onions
 and homefries inside                                                           6.80

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Big Breakfast: two eggs, homefries, biscuit and gravy, choice of meat                   7.50
Coke, Diet Coke, Cherry Coke, Sprite, Root Beer       1.70
Brewed Sweet or Unsweeted Tea, lemonade              1.70
Coffee or Hot tea                                                          1.00
Hot chocolate                                                                1.70
Milk, white or chocolate      small: 1.70  large 2.20
Juice orange, apple, tomato small 1.70  large  2.20

Breakfast Bowl filled with eggs, homefries, choice of meat,
topped with sausage gravy and cheese                               6.00
Fried Chicken Biscuit: two chicken strips, homemade biscuit, 
gravy and shredded cheese                                                  5.50
One biscuit and gravy                                                           3.50
Two biscuit and gravy                                                           6.00
​Country Fried Chicken, eggs, homefries, toast                     8.50
Country Fried Steak, eggs, homefries, toast                         8.50
Alaskan Pollock                   2 pc 7.50             4 pc    9.50
Ocean Perch                        4 pc 8.00            8 pc    10.00
Clam Strips                                                                 8.00
Grilled Chicken Breast                                                8.00
Chicken Supreme                                                        8.80
Chicken Strips                                                              8.00
Chicken Rice Bowl                                                       8.00
Country Fried Chicken                                                 8.50​

8oz Sirloin                                                                        12.00
Chopped Steak                                                                 8.50
with mushrooms or peppers and onions                           9.20
Meatloaf                                                                            8.50
Liver and onions                                                               7.50
Ham Steak                                                                        7.50
Pork Chops                                                                       8.00  
Hot Roast Beef                                                                 7.50
Country Fried Steak                                                         8.50​
Spaghetti and meat sauce                                    7.00
Spaghetti and Chicken Parmesan                        8.20
Spaghetti and Veal Parmesan                              8.20

3 IN 1:                                                 6.50
Granny Burger                                    5.50
with bacon and cheese                       6.50
Cheeseburger                                     4.30
Double cheeseburger                       6.30
Western burger                                   5.00
Mushroom  burger                               5.00
Pattymelt                                              5.00
Breaded Veal                                       4.30
Philly Cheesesteak                              5.50                                                     

tossed salad, bowl of soup           2.30
Fries, homefires, hashbrowns, mashed, baked, baked sweet 2.00​
Rueben                                                5.50
Half Pound Rueben                             7.50
grilled cheese                                       2.50
grilled ham and cheese                        3.50
Jumbo ham and cheese                       4.80
Grilled Bologna                                     4.00
Bologna Club                                        5.20
Fish Sandwich                                       4.30
BLT                                                        3.50
with double Bacon                                 4.50
Triple Decker Club Turkey/bacon          5.00
                                Ham/Turkey           5.00
Chicken Breast Club                              6.00                             

Onion Rings                     3.00
​Corn Nuggets                  3,00
​Breaded Mushrooms       3.00
Cheese sticks                  4.50
​Cheesy Bacon Fries        4.00
Deep Fried Pickles           3.00
Steak Salad                8.00
Chef Salad                 7.50
Mini Chef                   5.50
Taco Salad                7.50
Crispy Chicken          7.50
Grilled Chicken          7.50

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